Client Testimonials

“ In my eighteen years as a prosecutor I have never known a forensic expert who was better able to couple technical know-how with testimonial “show-how”.

Michael G. Mermel, Lake County (IL)

Assistant State’s Attorney      


“ Your assistance in the prosecution of this case was invaluable. Your testimony was crucial in convicting [the defendant], as only your testimony directly refuted [the defendant’s] contention that this was an accidental shooting during an argument.”

        Jeff Kendall, DuPage County (IL) 

Assistant State’s Attorney  


“Mr. Rini, through his expertise, was able to find blood at the murder scene.  Forensic Serologists from the [State Police] and a private laboratory associated with Harvard  University were not able to accomplish what Mr. Rini did.”

Philip A. Prossnitz, McHenry County (IL) 

Assistant State’s Attorney


[Mr. Rini’s] professional opinion in the death investigation has not only given our investigators reassurance in their findings, but has helped the family in accepting the loss of their son and brother.”

Norm Nissen, Jr., Chief of Police, Northlake (IL)


“Mr. Rini has unequalled credentials in the area of blood stain identification and forensic investigations…”

Gary W. Pack, McHenry County (IL)

State’s Attorney


“I just want to thank you for the expert and valued assistance provided to our department by Gary Rini, on one of our recent investigations.  Our investigators were highly impressed with Mr. Rini’s expertise and professionalism…”

Ben K. Blake, Chief of Police, Carpentersville, (IL)

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