Amnesty International Report on CEDs

 Police Tasers and Excessive Force Law

Standards for Conducted Energy Devices

TASER Press Kit

Less Lethal Use of Force (ILEEF)

TASER Court Decisions

CEW Research and Information


TASER Media Bulletin

TASER Device Liability and Litigation Risk


TASER Pulse User Manual

TASER Model X26 (Police)

TASER Model X26 (Technical Data Sheet)

TASER Electrical Characteristics (X26)

TASER Model X26 (Police User Manual)

TASER Model M26 (Police)

TASER Model M26 (Technical Data Sheet)

TASER Model M26 (Police User Manual)

TASER Model X26P (Police)

TASER Model X26P (Technical Data Sheet)

TASER Model X26P (Police User Manual)

TASER Model X2 (Police)

TASER Model X2 (Technical Data Sheet)

TASER Model X2 (Police User Manual)

TASER Model X2 Cartridges

TASER X2 Cartridge (Technical Data Sheet)

TASER Interior View

TASER Propulsion System

TASER Discharging

TASER Spark Test in Stun Gun Mode

TASER Data Port

TASER Model X26 Cartridges

TASER Cartridge (Technical Data Sheet)

TASER Probes


TASER Evidence Packaging

TASER Effective Target Zones

Electronic Control Weapons

Glossary of Electronic Control Weapons

Stun Gun Flashlight

Stun Gun

TASERS and Other Less Lethal Weapons

Deaths after Electro Muscular Disruption

TASER Probe in Human Skin

(Source: Mark W. Kroll, TASER Conducted Electrical Weapons)

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